After eleven, Tuesday night before thanksgiving…

or ‘steaksgiving’ as Chris N. used to proclaim.
What ever floats your boat, as long as you do it with gratitude, I say.
Certainly plenty to be thankful for this year. I’ve been going through a few of my pics from this past year with Boo, and with pushing pics from my cell phone into my Picasa work stream – wow, we did have a great year.

Yet, with too much NPR being listened too by me, I have much trepidation about where in all that’s good we’re running headlong towards.
Our friend Frech Alex has been part of Occupy Cal, keeping the protest spirit going at Berkeley –

Nov. 17th 2011. After 3:30 am police intervention. OccupyCal
I dig the ‘money can’t speak … but it can shut the other person up’ sign top right…

As I’ve spoken before in my blathers, I’m concerned that today’s America is on the brink of self-destruction due to greedy stupid people – the last time there were such protests that captured the general public we were sending 18 year old boys to challenge fate in southeast Asia, and picked them via a lottery!! Got under the skin of the ‘youth generation’ then – but from what I can piece together there wasn’t much fear in the economy crumbling – be it staying at war, or coming home defeated… not a history buff, so I could be off there.

Probably my angst comes from the ‘what the hell can I do?’ position – sadly I don’t see a big play that fixes or changes things. Ugh.

Thanks goodness I have blue to help me sort these things out –

Dig the old timey effect!

Hey – did I tell you? Boo and I had the most excellent adventure last Saturday! First we nibbled with amigas at Rick’s Diner – hashbrown caserole – involves delicious cheese! Then as the amigas went on their way, we headed off to take in ART!!!!
yup – we’re classy like that.

don’t we look cute?
Our local botanical gardens – part of UNC in Chapel Hill – had a sculpture exhibit set up all over their grounds. I had briefly swung thru last month with Aunt Wendi while she was here, and Boo got the full on walk about…

It was totally awesome, and my pics just give a hint of how cool the exhibit was. Also, Boo got a bird spotting guide for North Carolina birds!! she’ll be all set to sit and look out our front window and spot birds with blue.
Well, much continues to go on this year, and I’m feeling almost on top of my game for this blogging thing.
Hope this finds you doing well, enjoying friends and family and loved ones, waiting for the big meal on Thursday.

What a damn fine day …

After a pretty nice Friday, including dinner down in Cary-town with amigos, we were up a little to early, out and about to help more amigas with their needs, took in lovely brunch at Rick’s Diner, then had a wonderful afternoon with Boo at the botanical garden’s sculpture installation exhibit!!

Only down side – 492 pics!!! time to sift and sort!

oh – how about a pic?
well, got to sift so – here’ one of leaves!


how cool… crafting for Morgan!

So, Morgan had a crafting baby shower, and owls are the theme of Button’s nursery.
We had fun making this craft board covered with the best ‘arts & crafts’ style cut-outs. some cut-outs are better than others, but what I really found so cool was how everyone was able to add to the picture. Even me!
Hope you like woodland animals Button.

drops on leaf

How’s fall treating you?
Have you, like us southerners, just had a week or so of lovely weather, followed by tornado warnings that probably knocked the rest of the beautiful leaves off the trees?
are you befuddled by how the powers that be put up with protests for a few weeks, then swept them away like so much trash? Be careful French Alex, Berkeley is a great place to make a stand, but … well, be careful. I’m not sure the people in charge care at all about you, or me, or anyone who’s not as greedy and as power hungry as they are.
Wonder what happens when we ‘occupy’ the intersections outside their walled enclaves?
Maybe that’s the point of this season – change.
I’ll try to fill you all in on the goings on here in Hobbit House land, but if I don’t get to it – thank you. I’m very thankful for all that i have, and all the good in my life.
Still think the pic is kinda neat.

Coinín coinín, bán coinín!

Do we need the luck of the Irish rabbits?
Do we not?
Howdy November.
Howdy NaNoWriMo.
Hello longer nights, shorter days.
Hello and WELCOME my friends & family, I hope you all will visit or think of us, and that in a few weeks you will be able to have a very long pause thinking of the good things in your life for which you are thankful.
Now I’m off to feed blue!