drops on leaf

How’s fall treating you?
Have you, like us southerners, just had a week or so of lovely weather, followed by tornado warnings that probably knocked the rest of the beautiful leaves off the trees?
are you befuddled by how the powers that be put up with protests for a few weeks, then swept them away like so much trash? Be careful French Alex, Berkeley is a great place to make a stand, but … well, be careful. I’m not sure the people in charge care at all about you, or me, or anyone who’s not as greedy and as power hungry as they are.
Wonder what happens when we ‘occupy’ the intersections outside their walled enclaves?
Maybe that’s the point of this season – change.
I’ll try to fill you all in on the goings on here in Hobbit House land, but if I don’t get to it – thank you. I’m very thankful for all that i have, and all the good in my life.
Still think the pic is kinda neat.