chilly sunday afternoons…

boo and I huddled over two laptops on the dining room table, blue cuddled into a blanket on the blue couch, the squirrels all tired out from climbing into boo’s happy land bird seed feeder – damn those squirrels!!
Boo’s huddled over her new hot and sexy XPS 17 incher, while I’m merrily typing away on her soon to be not current work laptop, a fairly nice Acer. I’m trying to see if the chiclet island type keyboard is useless for me to type on, or if it’s ok.
Thus a self focused blog entry – I have other entries for the various ‘important’ things – the end of the year, the end of the war in Iraq, the arrival of Izzy, the hope and dreams for the upcoming year. You know, the usual.
But for now I just keep typing to see if I can adapt – humans are fairly adaptable, aren’t we? we’ve adapted to being able to live with just power windows, but not heated seats. Phones we can now talk into, and get them to do something ( apparently that’s now what we’ve been doing these past 100 years or so),
Boo’s trying not to pull out her hair while making GameTap work on the x64 install of Windows 7, and also the not Firefox 3.6, nor IE 8. Er, GameTap – what are you guys waiting for? The GOP debates to actually address the real problems that real Americans are facing with useful solutions that can be implemented with the bonus of helping everyone out? Well, that’s not going to happen!! Mark my words – 9! 9! 9!
How about a pic?

from our office holiday party last week – focus on the out of focus mug, which is, as eagled eye pottery afficiandos will note, is a nancyOriginal! and the happy peep in the handle would be LAW, who had one of Nancy’s mugs, but then somehow gravity jumped up and grabbed the mug out of her hand and… well… now she’s got another one. yay LAW! yay nancy!!

Ok – gonna pus this, then maybe go and finish up one of the others I have on deck to compare keyboards. Or not. You never know what’s going to happen on the end of the weekend.