So, I occasionaly like to read up on things…

Like reading the review on my evoShift tonight, 6 months after i got my hands on it. Yup – I’m amazing!!
Watching some OG Battlestar last night (1978!!) & i was noticing the graphics used in the cockpits – all mono color and wire frame; hell, they were using analog altimeters (or roll/pitch/yaw display). What i hold in my hands is much more detailed & powerful & futureristic, all for essentially couch change.
Kinda amazing all of this, as i get ready to transmit an update wirelessly to my personal publication viewable to all of humanity (at least those with an internet connection) – commadore PET user just 25 years ago.
I hope your life is filled with amazingness. If not, then at least puppies!