Mutts Daily gives me this quote to ponder – We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.  – Joseph Campbell

One of my other ‘daily’ inputs is a cartoon called ‘Gaping Void’ – today’s looks like this:

Since it’s the new year, I’ve been trying to note how my day begins, what actions (coffee coffee!!) help, which are automatic (things such as SpiderOak and Dropbox and John’s Background Switcher on my work computer), which are ingrained (work email via Outlook at the office, via web pages at home), and then the little surprises – I seem to be in Windows Explorer by the third or fourth click, I really like having music playing (Grooveshark’s explore is kinda working for me, but I do self censor away from electro-funk described unknowns…), how the rhythm seems to be the same either at the office or at home (get going, check mail, check mail box, drink coffee, delve into project 1 of a billion..).

Hmmm… neat? who knows.
Ok – go have a hell of a friday, have a great Saturday, and ponder MKL – I like to play U2 songs loudly.