Sunny and crisp Saturday morning…

totally realize I’m a grown up, because I want to share the joys of listening to NPR.
On today’s Weekend Edition I tuned in as an expert suggested an information diet, followed by a reporter was wrapping up his 2 year stay in Russia, and my mind gets to tie in my 4 weeks of Russian language training, plus hopes and dreams dashed upon the shoreline of Monterey, plus a solid remembrance of Andy and Charlotte, who helped me have the correct phrase just in case things went poorly in the late 80s.

However the reason I got pushed to make an entry is this – an educated introduction to the meaning behind what we all know as the  2001: A Space Odyssey  theme song … which is called properly  Also sprach Zarathustra. I can’t link to the podcast, but I found it enlightening, for it’s a musical interpretation of a Nietche writing. Whoa!.

EDIT: – ok, and then they throw in an audio postcard from a late-season Adirondack hiker describing the great roaring falls as winter waits to visit Upstate. Nice. so very very nice…

Hope your weekend is going well!