ah, times in winter…

is it a lie for the sun to shine, beckoning us outside, to find the air crisp and the ground chilly? Or is it a promise, a promise that if we carry on, if we figure out how to deal with staying inside just for a little bit more we’ll be rewarded. rewarded with a great time in the warmth of the upcoming spring…

If you won’t believe the implications, then how about some proof?

Or just maybe it’s the illusion of a balancing act, that when it’s warm enough the blossoms bloom, because it’s what they do. Not because they know it’s the correct time for them to do this, but it’s the RIGHT time to do it. Woe are they that it’s the 3rd week of February, with overnight chills in store for their world.

Or a day of intense clouds and the portent of doom, followed by the sky opening up and drenching the ground … which then makes flowers bloom. Ah, cyclic – is that the answer? what is will be what will come again? Hmmm…

From chaos comes … beauty. That’s a nice over-simplification don’t you think?

We can always stick to the simple things – like love. and yarn.

sadly my out the passenger window photo style did not render my ‘just the bench’ in anything other than a soft woolly look. so… take note of the art, and the yarn, and the lack of leaf cover.

Hey – did I mention that Sinead has a new album coming out? woot – listening to it stream from NPR – some classic goodness … ‘4th & Vine’ has this groovy groove to it – like!

Ok – wanted to say hi, share the pics of the crocus(?), yarn bombing, and of course a pic of blue!

she got all tuckered out watching us rearrange the den/office on Saturday. hope she recovers and is able to nap later!