Hello. How are you doing?

Yeah, tuesday again. A bit of anxiety leaving work to head over to class today. Thankfully I can now watch the thoughts & feelings collide in the stream of my thoughts, before letting them turn my mood and my inner voice against me.
But here i am, sun setting out over carrboro, my face lit up and being warmed by the same sun that will light up your face.
In an odd but not so much coincidence boo & I have been watching a show called ‘Life’ from back in 07/09. Cop drama, pretty good actually, but main character is in pursuit of his zen, and I smile when he speaks of the sun’s rays shining on all of us…
Springtime is doing its best – little shoots on the end of branches at a tree at work. But it could still be cold cold cold. We will have to see.
May you be in happiness.