Up listening to birds… make the coffee, do some dishes, toast a bagel, and while I’m ‘fixing’ my coffee (interesting choice of terms, eh?) I recollect…
Mom pouring cream into hers, the swirly discoloration changing a cup of night into warm earth tones. Her cigarette next to the cup on the tabletop, smoke swirling up into the kitchen air – soooo very very mesmerizing the smoke trails. Looking into her eyes, but only getting the reflection from her glasses of the world around us.
Both Hayes road and down in the village, these memories are from – 5 or so for up on the hill, until I was 10 or so down in the village, then off to dorkville, as blood likes to call it.
Routines keep you going I suppose – up, coffee, work, home, dinner, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

At 8:55 this morning, the stirring tones of Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ started playing from my robe’s pocket, and when I looked at my phone I saw a blurry version of this pic –

“It’s a girl!” Matt tells me, his voice doing its best to share how really really happy and overwhelmed and excited he is. 
So – just perhaps – my musings on routine and the touchstone-ness of life it represents collided with his personal universe’s rays of joy as his routine comes into focus. 
You don’t get to know the details of any of the future – big pic, sure; BoomBoom will grow up an Upstate girl, loved frankly to the brink of tolerability, with such fantastic adventures as to cause Calvin a twinge of envy. She will know how to drive a stick shift, as well as ride a horse. Her culinary skills will certainly impress. But some of the details … well, I guess that’s the fun part, isn’t it?
Who can say if she’ll note the color of her mom’s coffee out on the deck, overlooking the skating rink (of DOOM!!!!!), as she excitedly cries out ‘did you see that ma?’, pointing towards the Tesla coil over by Matt’s workshop, as he connects their micro-hydro electric generator to his ingenius ‘see – just 6 inches of snow on this counterweighted platform will yank down on this kinetic energy recovery system’s flywheel, generating 1.21 gigawatts of electricity I’ll need’… ah yes, the future – deliciously un-detailed at this moment. Make sure you pay the insurance premiums, that’s all I’d say.
I know I’m supposed to be cultivating a mindful serenity – but it’s moments like this, on days like today, that really make my soul glow. 
Matt as a dad. Good days indeed.
oh – and blue’s happy about this turn of events also!
and by hapy, I mean tuckered out!
ciao mi amigos