Crossed a new bridge…

On my way to mindfulness class. Should i make a big deal? Or accept that there are many ways to get to where you are going?

The pic i just snapped – a cloudy or clear sunset? Or both?!!

Lillian Cade has joined the world since last I minded my yoga poses – I’m sure Matt & Jo-Anne are thrilled. Matt sounded soooo happy.

And as the sun appears from behind the clouds in time to set in an hour or so, shining down on me, on you, and on the new borns, the students scamper around the campus enjoying springtime. Birds chirping, windows rolled down, running gear out in force. The trees here @ fedex center are yet to bloom but that’ll be a treat for me when it happens.

Friendly awareness, of our minds, body & thoughts. Realizing we can choose to respond instead of redact, and one redsponse is to do nothing – just be. It’s an embrace of our ability to relax; contrary to contemporary society, it is not all fight or flight. Big powerful concepts, don’t you agree?