it’s good to have friends… today was extra good

I’m extremely lucky. I feel such a deep sense of gratitude. I hope everyone has someone who makes them feel hopeful, special and loved.

Today (er, Tuesday, yesterday…) is going to take some time for me to put into words, but wonderfully I look forward to that task… but it is late, and I need my beauty sleep. So I’ll tackle a longer post tomorrow.

I do want to share, however, how tonight I was lucky enough to get a deep through the heart reminder of how ‘real’ and how ‘authentic’ a person can be. You can tell ’cause they’re sitting next to you, holding your heart up to the lights so you can see the glow, the life giving blood, the ugly scar tissue, all the while getting an audience to ride along, singing and clapping and crying.
So to you, you fabulous fabulous woman, I say ‘thank you’…
More later, tater.