Discovery rests…

An era comes dramatically to a close. Where have all the brave humans gone?

Moseley street – home for lunch one day in 4th grade probably – the Space Shuttle Enterprise is completing a test flight!! I am just totally awestruck – we are the most kick ass country in the world!!!
a la wikipedia:

February 18, 1977 Enterprise First flight; Attached to Shuttle Carrier Aircraft throughout flight.
August 12, 1977 Enterprise First free flight; Tailcone on; lakebed landing.
October 26, 1977 Enterprise Final Enterprise free flight; First landing on Edwards AFB concrete runway.

a few years later, Trinity ave, I’m prepared to spend the entire night waiting for the 1st launch f the space shuttle – but accidentally sleep through it – missing it by minutes!! ;-(

April 12, 1981 Columbia First Columbia flight, first orbital test flight; STS-1

Beth emails this morning – ‘where can I find pictures of the shuttle?’ – Boo comes in and says she’s sad she missed it. I recall trying to make the plans work for a dc trip to include Legos at the Building Museum, and the Shuttle flying in. Oh well…

To all those who made the shuttle a reality – thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now, where shall we go next?

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