“…already, and still…”

well … well said sister. so very well said. (in case you don’t know, my sister is very well spoken, you should go visit her/our blog…)

I have no idea why the universe works in the way it does, and I believe that is the hallmark of the human condition. I spend a day in the company of the small young one, who smiles at nothing in particular, likes flashing lights and fun noises, and mostly wants to put the moose’s antler in her mouth. she likes to jump/dance if held correctly, or fly low and fast over the lovely garden (though I am disconcerted by the lawn globe, just so everyone knows…) … a fabulous day with a fabulous proto-person … to come home and  hear of Bob’s sad news. Damn.
Never met Leo, all I can say is that I know his son, and what a son Leo has. So thank you Leo, you’ve made my family’s life better in a very significant way.
Have these niggling thoughts and ponderings from time to time, and as the universe plays out its grand opera the dates and times and collections of feelings and emotions lead to bumps along the way that give pause – what was mom’s favorite donut? Well, before they were chocolate glazed chocolate GF donuts from the freezer section of Peter’s? Yeah, that bit o’ knowledge is lost to my power of recollection. As is her favorite cake/icing combo…
At least she had some nice flowers on Mom’s Day, eh? Go Wallace power!

Happy birthday ma, I’ll have a slice and a scoop for ya, ’cause you’re on my mind.