Mat Honan Suffered … so we could learn

07TuesdayAUG 2012

Gizmodo. It’s a name I trust in the world of blog-based journalism focused on technology. Gawker is the owner and they’ve done a good job building a blogging empire to be reckoned with – Jalopnik, Gizmodo, Jezebel, etc.
So when I noted a story blowing up around sir Mat over the weekend, I paid attention to it. Could have been the headlines – “Yes, I was hacked. Hard.”
I read, paid attention, read the follow-up that revealed the (what’s the word for diabolical catch-22?) TSA-like juxtaposition of information sensitive enough to hand over the keys to the Apple orchard but not so sensitive that your Amazon-ing shopping account isn’t shy about posting to the web in clear-text the exact same details. Sigh.
Last 4 of your credit card, plus billing address. Wait – as Mat pointed out, that’s your Pizza guys super secret intel too! Double pepperoni sigh.
Seems somewhat focused on the world of Apple, and at this moment I’m kinda ok – have the MacBook Air (LOVE it!!), but roll with the windows (I really AM USED to it). Is my .ME account even active? Am I at all connected to the .iCloud world? Don’t know. Ask me about my google-fication (Since ought TEN!!) and then ask me if I cringe a little.
So my Google account has 2-factor authentication turned on. It’s a pain in my ass about once a month. I click and expect the lights to magically turn on, and stumble into a digital ‘papers please’ moment, where I curse and fumble for my phone thinking “of course now – when I’m attempting to pull up some awesome YouTube vids on a friends computer – NOW you want my super secret password. Thanks. A lot!”

But I don’t worry much about my photos being wiped from my PicasaWeb galleries. Guess that’s a good thing.