sunshine streams into the den

an apple gets gutted by Alyssa in the living room, blue watching – waiting patiently for gravity to befriend her, a small child’s limbs no match for their enthusiasm

our ‘fall’ has been a bit of misnomer – unless you count “my enthusiasm for the south’s 4 seasons” as what has fallen. mid 80s in October  daffodils blooming as we ran to Winston-Salem to pick up the niece (hi Marji, hi Ben  and return to Durhamtown

Having a house guest (even a short one) is kinda cool/terrifying. You get to note all the things you do unconsciously … like react to your puppy’s ‘hey, hey – you, sleepy head – let me out pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee’ – which you’re able to do cause apparently you leave every light on in your house. which a small fry would like turned off so the super-cool color changing night light / pillow thingy she has shows cool smiley faces up on the ceiling. so much better with a darkened room.

saw an offer for a super limited mac book pro Steve Job’s edition – where his silhouette is added to the apple bite image that reps Apple. also had ‘you can change anything‘ inscribed. kinda cool.

watching the rumble in the auditorium…


{8:56am + 6Oct2012 = Saturday morning || Dead Dog by Supersister on WKNC’s Mystery Roach show}