ARS’ article on SHA1 encryption concerns

13ThursdayDEC 2012

The article – Oh great: New attack makes some password cracking faster, easier than ever – points out a basic truth – as hardware improves, so does the efficiency of software running on it.
Applying that truth to a file with hashed passwords, while also adding a bit of polish to the program that runs plain-text through the SHA1 encryption algorithm nets a 20% increase in time to success for those who are trying to crack your passwords. Not as nefarious as it sounds, but if you have the power to choose a better, stronger encryption scheme for your digital site, then you should do that.
Since I don’t have control over the schemes my bank, or Google uses, I’ll do what I’ve been doing right along – strong passwords changed regularly. every 90 days it takes me 15 minutes to change the passwords that need to remain secure – using KeePass and LastPass allows my efforts to not become a burden.
What do you do to make your digital life easier yet more secure?
::: Scott :::