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Ah, up scott’s nose. Good shot, man…

anything? Probably not…
‘Twas oh so great to have amigos Karl and Holly and awesome dog Mika come and visit. It’s good to be with friends who know and love you, and still tolerate your goofiness. Woot!

In having them visit us there was – as always with me, amIright? – a touch of nostalgia and reminiscence and during such things a few pictures were noted from the past… including the shot above – post happy fun gathering dinner at Buca in DC. Going back in time is fraught with danger, but I’ve found it can cause good enough feeling to be worth the risk. We’ve all changed, we were so very foolish, and yet – here we are. Again. Enjoying our lives, no matter how imperfect they seem. I’m sure in another 10 years we’ll look back and smile and shake our heads – at least we’ll have moments to shake our heads at, yes?

Times with Karl and Holly are always punctuated with too much delicious food, great drinks, way crazy and oh-so-enjoyable entertainment (these fine folks introduced me to Invader Zim! – need I say more?) – shall we suggest a watching of The Workaholics, Bob’s Burgers and the BBC version of The IT Crowd? Why yes – yes I shall …

So thank you, again, for an enjoyable, entertaining, exciting visit you guys (also, Mika is awesome!) – won’t be able to swing by G2P without wondering what tasty drinks Karl would choose, have a fire out front without wondering where you guys are, or be able to poke our nose in the pantry without wondering what fabulous-ness could be made RIGHT NOW – but don’t we need Holly??


What was that – a duplex in the area? We can keep our eyes open.

Mika gets some tongue action


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