Slippers for the soul…

feet up, cool drink at hand

 … THAT is what the beach is – glad I figured that out. Good knowledge to have.

At a time in Boo & I’s life when we are able to look back upon what was, what could have been, we get to sit and do absolutely nothing… we eat when we’re hungry … have a tasty beverage (btw, Krupnikas is very very tasty!!) when we feel like it, and even when outside forces conspire to drag our wearied but relaxing souls into the world, I find that the strolls Lady-tron and I have taken have done nothing ill to my mood – look, a white bird that Lady-tron failed to notice!

big white bird – right there… sigh

Really though I’ve found that, like slippers comforting you chilled toes, but not demanding action or even getting up to great the day, the beach gives you all the incentive in the world to breathe – just breathe.

Lady-tron keeps Boos toes warm

You breathe in, breathe out – no need to do the hard thinking or mental ultra-marathon/obstacle course to retrace how we got here. Waves crashing day and night, beating out a rhythm that just may be the most natural thing ever. Certainly attracts my attention … draws us close, not for inspection, but introspection – how does something so big out there draw one inwards??
{{Jape sings At the Heart of All This}}

all so quiet at night, so serene…

Perhaps it’s the power of being with your eyes (& heart?) open? Being with the moment, not really fighting it – certainly it IS about being in a ‘looking’ phase, right Lady-tron?

I like looking out windows

Suspect the calming powers might have to do with certain magnetic lines, or the electro-biological balancing properties of a fresh sea breeze, a reduction of worries, and decent chances to snuggle and/or donut!

it’s a good life

Probably the donuting thing, though. Or maybe it being a boundary zone. Deliniation. Being away from where you are, being someplace else, not really someone else. Just be wary of the Danger Zone, eh?


}S{ | dona nobis pacem |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

{{The Only Way by Gotye || 11:26a + 3April2013 = Wednesday, late morning..}}