Words attempting to share thoughts & emotions

sunsetting again

Boo rests to my side, comfy under a blanket or two, heating pad under the blankets, window open allowing the fall refreshment to flow in, a coolness announcing the change of seasons.

52 weeks, 52 weeks // 52 Saturdays, 52 Sundays // 52 Fridays, 52 Mondays

A bunch of words bouncing about inside the skull bucket this week.

I reviewed my Facebook postings on my celly phone earlier – got confused that I had not shared my words last fall! but, apparently, I did. Just reviewed the phrases I put together a year ago:
“gaze upon your loved ones, see their beauty, their strength, their heart. feel blessed that your life is filled with goodness, no matter how many edges you might come across. be kind to the ‘nimals who bring their love to your life, perhaps an extra treat when they might not have earned one. At least a skritch about their ears, eh?
for Tomorrow, where we place our hopes and our dreams, I bid you good night, and peaceful slumber my friends.”

Seem to be good words still.

I laugh at my previous attempt to share, where it seems I buried the words behind an un-clickable link. Sigh. Technology sometimes wins.

I think it is sometimes too easy to return to normal, the typical days, typical ways after a significant change. challenge. loss.

I think at times, especially the dark times, that nothing has changed when it all has changed. I am still me, it seems, but I am somehow completely different. But exactly the same. A very odd felling.

I think perhaps Boo and I have persevered against much crap and sadness, but I’m unsure we’ve ‘progressed’ much – how much should we be able to do?

Our friends were so important, still are so very very important to our sanity. We are where we are (safe and sane and loved) because we had such goodness come into our hearts and home when much much darkness entered our lives – I attempt to recall the painful edges, internally and externally I shy away. Might be a very smart move.

I’ve written and deleted a sentence so many times. Because I try to be … proper? Respectful? Modest? Fuck if I know.

and so I will leave it at that – who knows what I’m being. shy? sigh …

I do so hope you have all the love you can handle, and much more than you need.
I do so hope you know the deep appreciation and incredible awe that you are held in by friends and strangers near by.
I do so hope you and yours are warm and happy as the fall encroaches on our summer baked lives.

I do so hope Tomorrow is a wonderful day.


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

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