New Normal – good idea

26TuesdayNOV 2013

In prep for tonight’s class I read about Twitter’s implementation of “Perfect Forward Secrecy” – really liked how it was nicely readable, decent explanations of the technology behind what they were trying to do, included a note of concern about how to do it correctly, and was identified as part and parcel of Twitter’s operational mindset – making your data more secure.

Security is an ever-changing world

I’m also intrigued that they identified how they were making it work – sometimes I wonder if you say “the machine with the big red X on it is the most prized possession we have” are you not focusing all eyes on that prize?
Also love how it ties in nicely with ‘life’ as I call it. Vicky just asked about Twitter and why people use it last week; though I do enjoy John’s posts from @mountain_goats I’m sure lots of folks use it much more intimately. Just not me.