“So, what do you want to protect?”

15SaturdayFEB 2014

a very good question, asked by the fine folks over at Spideroak.
From their blog post – “VPN, privacy and anonymity” – you can see that many challenges exist on the path to a safe & secure digital life.
I have and often utilize a proxy service to pop over to the continent to see content I’d have to live there to see. Do I think my travel is mysteriously erased after I catch up on Jezzer and the boys? No, no I do not. I’m sure if you looked carefully enough at the right files on the right machines you’d see all that I do as ‘me on the web’ – it’s just the way computers work.
Of note recently I’ve come to realize this truth – passwords to log on to the computer you’re using are ‘nice’ in that a deadbolt on your front door is ‘nice’ – see, I’ve used a good password to log onto my laptop. As secure as the regular glass in the window in my door, or my living room, or my back porch. Leads me to plot and plan whole disk encryption. No idea what to do with the front door though.