On the Saturday I ran my first 5K…

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“we were running // for a reason // we just need to get away …”
For a reason – for the ones who love us – for whatever foolish, perhaps misplaced reasons they do…
For the fact that we wanted to improve our station in life…
To accomplish something…
To feel better (well, that was kind of a long shot…)

Truly amazed by the outpouring of love, respect, pride in doing what we did – ’cause I’m still convinced on the first week I took a header into a tree on the trail, and these past ~12 weeks have all been a figment of my coma. Or not. Frankly, hard to tell.

have bandanna will travel! (beth & scott, Duke, May 2014)

Hey, how have you been? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Guess I ended up just pushing little bits & pics to the Book of Faces; let’s face it, it’s sooooo easy. I am certain that I have about half a dozen draft blog posts consisting of very very important writings sitting here in my Blogger domain eagerly awaiting the click of the ‘publish’ button. Sigh.

But, in hindsight, the first 5 months of 2014 have been good. Crazy, of course (raise your hand if you still have your appendix? Not so fast, Johnson!) (oh, don’t fret – it’ was Boo’s appendix that tried to murder her, not mine…) – but still generally all good!

{{12:06p}} – ahhhh … things settle down as it occurs to me – hey, I’ve already accomplished quite a bit today!
Hali takes her cue from Boo, and chooses to nap splayed across the chaise here in the p.en; I type and browse and push photos back and forth, listening to tunes selected because … of some forgotten reason. Boo is behind me, other side of the wall, napping off the early rise & out-of-the-house time Beth & I’s efforts compelled her to do.
Outside, the sun plays on the magnolia’s waxy green leafs, squirrels occasionally sunning themselves out on the deck, I’m pretty sure a birdy bounced off the side window a bit earlier. You know, Spring fading into Summer in the Triangle.

Been pondering over the events of the past few months. My continuing efforts in schooling, then grabbing the opportunity to take a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training class (learned how to put out a very small fire!) taking a “sorority” trip out to Charlotte (need to return to bad dog cafe), finally getting around to calling the number to get some firewood delivered (just in time for overnight lows in the 70s) & I can see the neatly stacked piles out on the garage apron. All these bits and pieces filling the weeks past when I ponder “what have I done lately?” … I guess a little of this, a little of that.

I hope the little bits have added to the big picture in your lives. Hope you feel the love and support that I have intensely felt these past few months … know that I’d love to chat with ya, maybe get a cuppa … definitely should do that before the end of the year, yes?

be good to yourselves, please.

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”