Of Moms, Love & Memory…

c. 2003. Love ya ma

in the fall, the crisp weather makes me think. Of things I don’t like to think about.

c. ?? – Mom, her Pop and her Mom…

I tend to peruse the images I have at my disposal. I like it when I find new ones… like this one above – wonder how Mom’s life was, Walt and Mabel and their daughter – their family. at the brick wall – perhaps a band in the making?

c. 1970 – Mom goes camping

I find the ones that show the joy you had in your life, and that makes me happy.

Missing you makes me sad. Perhaps I trek this path trying to find balance.
sadly, finally, I return to the point of no return. Where I have to accept that all the love in the world doesn’t change the fact that our time here is short, and fleeting.

I miss ya mom. I’m so very lucky to have had your guidance and love and support. I stumble through some parts of this life and think you’d have a kind ear, a loving word, and I’d trundle onward. Stumbling and trundling – could be the band name!
c. 2008  … a crisp fall night that was complete crap
I like this pic because it reminds me that in my pain, in the pain my sisters and I fell headlong into, strangers welcomed us, made us as comfotable as they could, and resoutley celebrated a good woman’s life. To you fabulous bunch of complete stangers… many and much thanks. Lo these many years on…
your favorite son…

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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”