Monday mornings can offer hope, happiness and shocks, oddly in January

blood leaves town to find solace ~jan ’16

So, different tone today, and holy damn I will have to let all this settle.
Love and Information at Manbites Dog was amazing.
David Bowie shuffles off this mortal coil, and the coil tilts.

//Changes by Bowie – found in The Breakfast Club movie, opening quote – we’re quite aware what we’re going through //

How do you describe pain?
question raised at Love and Information last night
answer I ponder as a friend in pain seeks relief

on a morning the world tilts, the pup still needs a walk ~jan ’16

{8:24a + 11 Jan 2016 = Monday Morn || KEXP just did a set of My Bloody Valentine, Richard Hell, Lou Reed, and David Bowie – and Lazarus from his last album plays now, thanks DJ Miss Ashley … wow}

{{10:46a + 29Jan2016 = Friday morning, noting a post I didn’t finish … but I’m going to push anyway}}