Is it odd that January has the highest hopes and some of the deepest despair?

you look intently, see much, know nothing. Jan ’16

Well, best intentions are what January are made of, yes? We’ll exercise and eat better and balance our check books. Read all the books we wanted to last summer, while writing thank you notes (or hell, the lovely ‘hello you, I think I’m lucky to know you’ cards I got last year) for the kind gifts from birthdays and holidays years gone by.

Me? Well, taking steps in the right direction. Respecting it’s the accumulation of all the little moves that help get you to where you want to be. Of course there’s often opportunities to jump and go big. That move has its own challenges, but as I look upon my dear friends and the past year they’ve had, you then get to deal with the new, different – better – challenges as best they can.

snow shadows Jan ’16

So we make it out of January, the snows come and go, and we stand.
We take careful steps along a potentially slippery path, plant our feet and hope for the best. Sometimes you slip and fall and hurt yourself. Sometimes you instead make it a fun afternoon outing with your friends and their kdis – sledding is AWESOME!!
But always we stand once more. We stand and look to our futures as we shake off the chains of past habit, past shadows and the pain they hold. We look up and forward. And stand.

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