Ciao, March, ‘ello April … oddly, in March

if you look up are you falling down? 5/16 though pic is prob 4/16

ILANTT* – thoughts can be thought of as behaviors. And behavior can be modified. Ergo, thoughts can be modified.
ILANTTOD** – the phrase ‘automatic negative thoughts’ – and wow, talk about a label that I am now using.
Such as how when I see a police car, I’m no longer genially amused in the hokey, Adam-12 and CHiPS way.
I go to a much more dark, perhaps realistic, perhaps not their fault, place where I hate each and every one of them. It’s not pretty. It’s not what I think I should feel/think. But it’s where I end up. Reflexively, without thought – I slide down into the muck.

<Huh, I can leave this on the web w/out much additional crap, don’t you think? has not much to do with my escape to visit my sister, but certainly informs on my moods of late. Huh.>

*I Learned A New Thing Today; **I Learned A New Thing The Other Day;
{10:11a + 31Mar2016 = Thursday morn || KEXP’s John In the Morning spins Memory Tapes’ “Bicycle”}
<2:34p + 9May2016=Monday afternoon || KEXP plays in my right ear, my left the sounds of a quiet, very quiet office…>