on October nights, thoughts + music, memories wonderful and terrible

Canella, climber of moderate sized chairs// Lexhaus//LA//Nov 2004

We got to regale a new acquaintance the other night of the great stories surround Boo & I becoming honored guardians of our fur babies – Noel, thanks for listening – here’s our ‘old lady’ back in the day – waiting for a walk to Eddie’s to get some ham.

You have to have goals in life.

All Good Dogs, goes the song – at this point, they rested on the futon // Lexhaus// LA // Nov 2004

Here Canella, the back of Quincy, and Blue take a break for a wild and potentially hazardous day of laying about. You don’t want to be too stressed – that’s not good for you.

how lucky I was. how lucky I am. //Lexhaus//LA//Nov 2004

Dear lord the shit we’ve held onto – and all of that is distant memory. The fun and joy and love of Canella? Not so much memory as part of me. Her dual coats (shepard/corgie mix) – her distrust of taking baths – he bunny hops when happy about kibble time…

Canella in her east coast residency, taking in the greenery of Durhamtown // Hobbit House // Mar 2007

We have been wonderfully lucky, Boo & I. Our puppies have been good ones, who have taught us the joy of four-paw love. Taught us personalities are important, and unyielding. Taught me, I think, to listen in the quiet to the other – being mindful of someone else’s peacefulness.

Oh we’ve been lucky. Oh we’ve paid dearly for that…

sweeet sweet dreams, Canella girl – //Lexhaus//LA//Nov 2004

//tom petty sings about free falling, and I step into the abyss of the past, extend my arms, and … fall//

I truly hope that in your life you have many – but at least one – time where you heart and soul is lifted and loved by a kind pup. It leaves a mark, and that, I know now, is not a bad thing, no matter how terrible a thing it was.

May you have as much ham as you want, may you have comfy pillows where ever you lay.

[gonna leave this world for a while]


//10:28+25Oct2016 = Tuesday eve || 4 Non Blondes sing “Spaceman”//