A decade in the life of …

wow … 10 years. I’m still as goofy… sigh – ~1/07, Roxboro, durhamtown

Scott in Durhamtown!

From a cold and snowy homeland visit, a buddy gave me a lift, (did he nap and then run?) and I found myself at the beginning of the ‘next’ chapter/volume in the book of the Life of Scoot.

why hello hobbit house – you look welcoming! – ~1/07, durhamtown

Hobbit House.
All that it means to grow up a bit (a little?) – the hopes and dreams of not fucking it up this time.

everything can fit!! – ~1/07, HH, durhamtown

It’s good to have dreams.

i’m not saying I started to love LA a little bit more when we were about to leave, but … maybe. – ~1/07, LA, SoCal

All sorts of ups and downs in a decade – glad we’ve hung in to make it this far.

How about a splash of photos?

really good buddy and his Buddy – thanks for the lift!! ~1.07, NGP, durhamtown

rrooaarrrrr! says the slow dino ~1/07, NGP, durhamtown

Oops. ~1/07, durhamtown (look for the YouTube channel!)

the real reason dinos went away – too chilly! ~2/07, NGP, durhamtown

Ah, Durhamtown snow – while things are still pretty. ~2/07, NGP, durhamtown

Hello new terminal bones! ~2/05, RDU


//10:15a + 4Jan2017 = Wednesday morn || keXp & JItM play … good tunes (say Michael Kiwanuka
One More Night, for instance) //

46,230 in 2016 – what do I have?

hali in mid joy, cold january morn – ~1/16 @ HH, durhamtown

happy times. sad times. esoteric art shots.
… and lots and lots of sky/cloud/sunset/sunrise pics

Think this year will be any different?

of shadows and light, one of too many – ~1/16 @ HH, durhamtown

I’ve been less focused this year in my pursuit of ‘making art’ – either as a way to not have to work at getting better, or laziness, or convenience. Somewhat surprisingly I’ve had an unbiased opinion shared that I have some skill, and others have been pleased with my work.

can we construct a better future? – ~1/16 @ Durham Central Park, durhamtown

I need to focus and work and get some better skills at the people photos – a lovely sky & clouds, I’m solid. Oddness in the real world, zig zag shadows over metal steps – got it. Sassy red Soul with frost or raindrops – done!

sunset and friends, fun outings but in need of portraiture work – ~1/16 @ West Point Eno, durhamtown

There’s been a bit of confidence  baking into my life. Pretty sure it’s either the anxiety meds working, or a lack of ability to embrace that. Also, the in-my-face examples of just not very good, but in charge, is helpful in my self-esteem/extra-apathy.

2016 was all sorts of everything – the ups the downs, the joy and happiness sadly balanced by shit.
I had a lot of fun, had lots of good adventures (hello KEXP!!) and I’m pretty sure 2017 will be a year to remember when the 52 weeks pass by…

home in the snow – ~1/16 @ HH, durhamtown

I have images and memories – sort-able by date and camera, exposure and flash performance.
I can share – badly – memories and images. I hardly figure out how to talk and speak and LISTEN to others when it comes to the pictures I make/have/share.
I think it might be the stoic historian role I want to play – ‘here, a picture of someone we’ve lost – feel as you may, as you want; I only offer this quasi-inanimate object as a function of my breathing/being’ – picture man? sadness man? (yes, there are happy things I share – often – I know I bring joy, but I worry a lot about how I may bring sadness, accidentally, inadvertently – but I have no words or actions to offer (a consoling hug, a caring shoulder and ear) – and I’ve done this for so many years…)

even as it goes by so damn quickly, I look for something to make me smile – ~1/16, durhamtown

Forty-six thousand photos – that’s a lot.
thankfully I’ve handled/tagged/processed a good dozen or three of them!!

Major contrast – ~1/16 @ CCB Plaza, durhamtown

Stand your ground, hold your head up, choose willpower, keep focus on the truly important things in your life. Guess those are my ‘ideals’ for the upcoming 12 months of Scott’s Life, version … er, 29? Should make a list.

um, just stupid cute, spoke to my hear – ~1/16 @ 6F, durhamtown

Hey – thanks for reading/scanning this.
every year it seems I’m gonna do more of this – and you know what, I just may accomplish it this year. Part of the ‘take action’ ethic.

Ciao mi amigos,

:: s :: | vivere militare est |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

//10:02a + 2Jan17 = Monday morn || kettle whistle & rain drops//

Hello 2017, you magnificent bastard!!

end of the year – end or beginning of the bridge? – ~12/16 @ Duke Gardens

How the fuck are you?
I’m pretty good – had a wonderful gather with good friends and framily to celebrate the arrival of a new edition of this book called ‘life’ – think there’s gonna be a good amount of action and excitement to write about this year.

Could be wrong – I’ve been wrong before.

the dark side of the glass – ~12/16 @ RBIII & X.hurt, durhamtown

It’s been an odd closure to the last year – soooo much to feel and deal with, yet I just kinda kept walking along. Some classic topics that I’m just not .. caring a lot about. Odd. Or good – we’ll have to see.

I took a bit of time yesterday morn, in the sun, on my stoop, Hali sunning herself. Wrote a list of things – 2016 … what will I remember? Had a good number of good things – and only thought of the trainwreck of democracy as I pondered strained familials. But impressed with the things I recalled, the things that stuck.

It’s part of my training to figure out what I need to pay attention to, what I need to hold on to, what I can see and let go of. Talk about a lesson sorely needed, and hard to intake. Sigh. Here’s to OTAD – one thing a day. Perhaps that’ll help.

some things will remain the same – ~12/16, HH, durhamtown

I’ll still keep on trying.
I’m sure I’ll still feel overwhelmed.
I’m sure I’ll miss my framily and friends when the year swoops past in a flash.
I’m sure I’ll be utterly amazed and transfigured, and I hope – dear god I hope – to do it alright.

… and you? How’s your day/year/life going? I hope your list of good was easy and memorable.


:: s :: | vivere militare est |

“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”

//1:28pm + 1Jan2017 = Sunday afternoon || Marc Cogman’s “The Rest of My Life” //