even in August there’s the feeling of beginning

dawn’s … well, early isn’t it, really – layabout light, aug ’18, hobbithouse

the beginning of honest acknowledgement that there are problems to be dealt with.
the beginning of ‘but it’s now, and the future. Nothing about before really truly matters’
the beginning of answering tough questions with brutally clear answers – what is it that I want.
the beginning of growth can be a beautiful thing.
how about you?
at what beginning point are you?

the beginning of the 21 Century, Boston, not sober, not drunk enough – ~Jan ’00

ha ha ha – I speak of beginnings, and dive way way back. funny how habits seem to keep you doing things you’d rather not.

There was an inquiry the other day about me and feeling joy.
I responded, in complete honest, “every day I start with a feeling of joy”

Ode to joy, and cheerios. Aug ’18, Hobbit House

perhaps the tool I shall utilize more frequently will be the mindfulness instruction to ‘begin again’ – why is it I’ve learned to hold on so fucking tightly to the past? pretty sure there’s a song by the mountain goats that illustrates that habit in an awesome way…

“We show great loyalty to the hard times we’ve been through/ We are filled with riches and wonders/ Our love keeps the things it finds…”


trying to figure out how to count, how to maintain, is this 002? or 0002? or 2?
If only I could hear myself reassure me that “it doesn’t matter in the least”

Remember the other month when I shared the kindnesses that Ed & Jeff shared with not only myself but with durhamtown?
‘Take care of each other, ok?”
still good advice.


//7:06p + 18Aug2018= Saturday evening || the howling fan of a MacBook Air doing some media encoding!!! (and the echoes of ‘Hook’, Blues Travelers studio recording, played to entertain the wee lad during the mushing hour)//