We land on Mars, again

We torment the children of immigrants – once again. I wonder why this is our normal [see “The Dish” for a dramatic version of American aggression and horror versus a defining moment of human civilization].

Again – why this is normal?

Could be that there are those demanding we do one thing while those who’ve guided us to the other are not focused on. If I have only one wish for the holidays, well – not sure what I’d go with but to believe in our scientists would definitely be in the top three.

our moon
Don’t have a pic of Mars so we’ll go with the moon

I hope that my kid can see what the true power of humankind can realize – I hold that hope because to let it go is to invite madness. I need to see that though it’s a ongoing fevered effort there is progress, there is a greater good to strive for. That is something I can work towards sharing with the kid.

As we wrap up this year, as I wonder what it is that I’m trying to do, I hope you and yours find the joy outweighing the struggle.

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a significant occurance – oddly in november

hyper realistic skies over durhamtown – ~november ’18, durhamtown (duh)

an important, crucial, serious occurrence. If there was a plan I’d go so far as to say “a change in plans” – alas,  without said plan sadly, that’s not to be.

It was a bit of a grey day today – rainy, chilly now that fall has arrived. The day lived up to most every expectation unfortunately. At least it wasn’t the nicest day of the year, eh?

a town in flux – ~nov. ’18, central park durhamtown

I hate being elusive in my posts – isn’t that what we use VagueBook for?
I only type tonight because it’s a thearputic outlet. I like having my brain make words that – on occasion – happen to capture my feelings, my thoughts and ponderings. I moment of my life, noted. Say, so you can recall what was occuring 2, 6, 10 years past. Embrace the grimace, acknowledge that if you life long enough every day will be ‘a day’ – just some are much better than others.

Today wasn’t really tough – not really a challenge.
but today marks a significant date, and I hope we will look back years from now and see how far we’ve come. From the baseline of now, to the heights and depths of then. Wish us luck, eh?

fall sunset over durhamtown – nov. ’18


//9:44p+13November2018= Tuesday eve || the sound of the house, keyboard clicking, boy having a little cry, puppy on the couch in sweater (the sound of joy) and my inner howling, hoping to not awake alicia as she slumbers//