On the web everyone needs to have an “About” page – this is mine.

MT90 refers to a time+place from one of the earlier lives I’ve lived. Let’s say I lived in West Germany, not western Germany. If I’m honest with myself it was the best 3 years of my life, only recently topped by the birth of my son. Pretty damn fine company if I do say so myself.

white 5 on blue field sign for level 5

and 5 is right out

Um, self advocacy is something I’m averse to – from an early time the concept of ‘tooting my own horn’ was looked down upon; yet if I don’t do it who will?

IT degree focused on information security, built upon many years in many office environments doing many things. PowerPoint presentations for Oncologists, Word document specialist for a global investment banking company, a stint with McKenzie in a documentation support role, teaching motorcycle safety after leaving the church office. A lot of tasks performed dutifully in a wide range of settings. Generalist is what my sister refers to our lot in life.

Has that helped you understand who Scott Wallace is? No? Didn’t think so.

Photography as an extensive hobby, supporting theater on both coasts, eager to visit new places, preferably by motorcycle. A loyal friend and kind stranger, I offer all my gratefulness to how I was raised. Holder of secrets, seeker of loving kindness, bemused by the truth.

How’s that? No? Yeah, I get that.

Hi there! I’m a Project Coordinator by day, theater house manager by night, and this is my website. I live in Durham, have a wonderful pup named Hali-tosis, and I like keXp’s Morning Show with John Richards, since that’s where the music matters.

Well, please contact me if you have any specific question on what I’m about and I’ll give you the best answer I have.


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