Even in November I think I am in control


at least there were stickers (thanks good sir Allen)

Nope – that was the image – ok. – Ok – out of the image – cool.

So, you choose a new command-control system. because it’s … easy? one-click plug-in and tada!! – ‘cept now I’m sure I am not sure what I’m doing.

Ok – let’s see if JetPack + WordPress allow for a more seamless/centralized attack on my word craft / stick it to the man / well at least onto the universal wall that is the web – wish me luck.

Oh – also – 30 years on. the wall came down, hope went up … then something horribly human happened. that kinda sucks, wouldn’t you agree?


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“Keep Calm and Carry On” or “Keep Calm … and Cupcakes!”


We land on Mars, again

We torment the children of immigrants – once again. I wonder why this is our normal [see “The Dish” for a dramatic version of American aggression and horror versus a defining moment of human civilization].

Again – why this is normal?

Could be that there are those demanding we do one thing while those who’ve guided us to the other are not focused on. If I have only one wish for the holidays, well – not sure what I’d go with but to believe in our scientists would definitely be in the top three.

our moon
Don’t have a pic of Mars so we’ll go with the moon

I hope that my kid can see what the true power of humankind can realize – I hold that hope because to let it go is to invite madness. I need to see that though it’s a ongoing fevered effort there is progress, there is a greater good to strive for. That is something I can work towards sharing with the kid.

As we wrap up this year, as I wonder what it is that I’m trying to do, I hope you and yours find the joy outweighing the struggle.

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Into the 10th, eyes open

logs on fire in firepit
keep the home fires burning – @09/2018 durhamtown

I’ve been watching a YouTube channel by Lockpick Lawyer. Perhaps you can guess what the videos are about.

What I like about the videos so far are that a) he’s calm and collected as he describes what he’s doing, and b) he’s reminding me that “hacking” comes in many many flavors.

Do you know what gallium will do to unprotected aluminum? It’s frankly astounding. My mind raced to the potential applications of this method, fearfully. Then I realized that yes – those two substances have a specific reaction. That I was watching it on the interweb meant, however, that it was not an unknown concern. Probably something those who craft things – important things – out of aluminum know about and make arrangements for.

In a time where there is an awful lot of yelling it’s nice to find and appreciate calm discourse. The inter-linking is probably the one saving grace of the web – I get to hear the wisdom of a Naval officer, an author, a musician, a parenting expert, a DJ full of heart – all from the comfort of the shitter, at times.

Oh the places you will go, as a certain Doctor once noted.

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Ever onward – sometimes forward

09.04.18 – 10:01a – tuesday

I like the fall – it signifies the ‘beginning’ of the year to me. Presume that comes from my years of schooling. As such I get to ponder the cyclic ‘back to school’ push, the mentality that comes with that ‘here we go again’ feeling.

Remember the joy of a new notebook, new 4 color pen, new backpack? Wonder what’s replaced that nowadays – the smell of a new iPhone perhaps?

Why can’t we ALL get that more often? Besides a new phone what works as a touchstone of a new, yearly season/cycle – a new laptop? a new people carrier? new kicks? Hmmm..

of double edged blades

sunflower crafted as a metal sculpture
does metal ‘blossom’? – Nov ’16, NC Botanical Garden

I noted the headline last week from the Intercept/ Guardian on the latest release of good sir Snowden’s archives. 

// hmmm, soviet resident, yes? hmmm, oddly powerful russian hacking? hmmm, these times are certainly interesting, da?//

Of deeds perpetuated in the name of American Freedom, how No Such Agency utilized access via VPNs to spy on those around the world. & thus a double-edged blade.

In the unicorn filled utopia of a Michael Bay reality, I most certainly want my intelligence agencies to accomplish their missions – spy on our enemies. Keep us safe. As I see it, however, the problem becomes when the consensus of who the enemy is, on what it is to be safe – and free – becomes twisted, that the bloodletting begins.

I guess, in this rather pondering entry, is the bleeding happening close to the heart? When used against the private citizens & allies, hasn’t our fight been lost? I look at an areal of NSA main and understand – so many good, talented, professional people propping up a house of cards – is the blade cutting close to the root? How can madness be stopped?

Sadly I believe there is no recourse to heading down river, towards the thunderous roar of rapids, rocks, and cascades into the mist.

Beware the tools that make you magical for none are mighty enough to wield them well.

Ciao, :: s ::
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August in the hinterland

the rain was welcomed … however the swelter in durhamtown is not. Aug ’18

Using the Gutenberg editor for WordPress – go me! was talking about technology and the challenge of embracing never-ending change.

  • I like to use the Sangertown Mall example – they paved a swamp, built a mall on it and … tada!! Change was done, finished, complete! sigh
  • Tech is a great place for observationals – Mr. Gray’s friend, on a CB1000 with a tank mounted mobile phone – bummed about the helmet law but he’d figure out selling cell phones in the bay area in 1990 – wonder if he did well?
  • storage – hilarious examples at DTCC for my classes – how big was the microdrive I had on my first digicam? sigh
  • etc etc ad nauseum
when life is a beach, bring friends – Jul ’18 ballardtown
you can rotate an image in WP/Gute, but … not full fledged editing. s’allright, yes? Jul’18 rduTown

This is a verse block - not sure the exact difference
If I were to guess, I see an indent on the right, perhaps even pre-placed divider top and bottom - oh look
it scrolls. Huh.

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Well, all I have to do is keep at it, right? Begin again as I’ve been led to understand.

Friday focus – Ukraine, football, & VPNfilter

One more week into the history books, eh?

We learned that Spectre isn’t quite dead yet – thankfully it’s only a concern for Intel powered computers… oh.

Just finished reading this:

The U.S. law enforcement agency urged the owners of many brands of routers to turn them off and on again and download updates from the manufacturer to protect themselves.

So, in the post Cambridge Analytica world we face, our top law enforcement agency just sent a memo to all Americans – turn it off and back on again. Oh, perhaps change the default settings the router was shipped with.

As someone who pays some attention to the connected world we reside in and the hazards that brings I am always shocked when it’s ‘default logon was used’ or ‘the password was too simple’ or ‘a bit of a data loss but nothing to worry about. Other than the 30 million. oh, wait – 75 million. Nope – 183 million Equifax records that were stolen. No need to worry about a thing’ – perhaps the AI revolution will fix these oh so easily fixable pitfalls.

So, my Friday focus will be to go home, reboot my router, find the logon credentials, see if I can a) figure out the make/model, b) find a site with an update, and c) update without bricking. Three day weekend, that would be tragic to lose internet access, right?

be kind to each other, please.

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